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Aspirin May Prevent Colon Cancer in Women

By Lance Winslow

A recent study showed that taking aspirin could in fact reduce your risk of getting colon cancer. Although the study only involved data taking from a sampling of women, it appears that aspirin may possibly prevent colon cancer, or so they say? Aspirin is over 100-years old and appears to cure lots of things, yet many were shocked to learn of this latest finding, still other completely doubt the study. The study showed that people who already had polyps maybe able to prevent the onset of colon cancer thru regular use of aspirin. The researchers went on to extrapolate that it could help those without polyps from getting one in the first place.

Now several articles in major Medical Journals are showing that if you took aspirin for a decade 1-2 per week, it would reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by a large margin over those who did not take aspirin regularly. Some of the researchers in near by fields were not surprised while other totally doubted the findings as hogwash. They are saying that any anti-inflammatory drug may have done the same and would certainly help to keep removed polyps from returning, thus reduce the risk of cancer.

The study indicated that 14 aspirins per week or 2 every day would reduce the chances of colon cancer by nearly one-third. Those who took even more are said to reduce colon cancer by over 50 percentiles. Of course taking that many aspirins is not good for you, over use of aspirin can cause bleeding. So although the study appears to be a wash for many belief systems of cancer researchers, the evidence is notable and very telling. All this research is helping us fight some of the more serious forms of cancer killers. Think on this and live strong.

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